Welcome to MusingToPieces

Welcome to my personal collection of poetry about life, love, family, and all of the tangled, nasty, beautiful emotions that follow me.  Poems will jump around in subject matter in no particular order; ranging from plain old nostalgia and unrequited love, to addiction (my own and those of family members), coping with OCD and depression, gender dysphoria, relationship struggles, and uncertainty about the future.


All poems will (hopefully) be relatable on an emotional level, but Trigger Warnings will be reserved for poems that specifically mention suicide, suicidal thoughts, any form of abuse, or strong language.  If there is a poem that you feel warrants a TW, please let me know.


Also, check out my other poetry blog, We Are So Broken.  This collection focuses on life and interpersonal issues through a much wider lens.  Occasionally poems will be cross-posted.



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